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About Cross Infinite World

Cross Infinite World is a California-based localization company specializing in the Japanese to English translation and publication of niche Japanese media. Our primary focus is bringing Japanese Light Novels and Manga to a wider English audience. We take pride in working directly with authors and artists to provide the best English-adaptation for fans.

Our books are not just products to be sold—we pick each title to localize out of love for the story, the characters, the setting, and the world that is so different from our own. Each work is filled with the passion of the author, the translator, the editors, and our company as a whole. We won’t put out works that didn’t enthrall us from the first words to the last. It is our utmost hope that readers will fall in as much love with the stories as we did.

About Our Light Novels

The novels we publish take after the Japanese Light Novel style of incorporating anime-style art for the cover and also include a character page introducing characters who will appear in the novel, as well as art inserts for specific scenes throughout the novel.

The term Light Novel actually has nothing to do with the length of novel. It refers to the novels being easier to read in Japanese and can be considered similar to the lighter reading content of young adult fiction in English. Most of the novels we translate either originated from a Light Novel or a Web Novel in Japan.

About Our Name

The name Cross Infinite World came from the concept that every story and culture is a world in and of itself. Stories offer readers an infinite amount of worlds to explore without leaving their homes. A translation allows readers from different cultures—worlds—to experience the new world of a story from another culture. Together, translated stories allow for the story world and cultures to intersect in an infinite amount of ways.