Cross Infinite World

Character Profiles

Yuki Character Profile Picture

Yuki Kasuga Heroine

Age: 18 (10 in appearance)

Height: 4’6” / 140cm

Weapon:Archery Set (Bow and Arrow)

Description:Yuki may act like your average Japanese college girl, but her appearance makes her anything but average. She is eighteen years old, but doesn’t look a day older than ten and has astonishing violet eyes. She’s thrust into the world of Aridol when her father tosses her off the 14th floor of their condo in Tokyo.

Luca Character Profile Picture

Cendol Lucat Adolunde (Goes by Luca) Fourth Prince of Adolunde


Height: 5’9”/180cm

Weapon: Sword

Description: As the Fourth Prince of Adolunde, Luca has never cared how others view him. He has a strong sense of duty, and remains loyal to the leadership of Adolunde even at the cost of his own freedom. His chilly personality can easily shift into a carefree persona, but within him simmers a cold logic.

Ain Character Profile

Ain Revent Luca’s Civil Advisor

Age: 18

Height: 5’5” / 168cm

Description:Part of a family of elite Mages, Ain is considered the failure child. To make up for his lack of skill in such a prestigious family, Ain was gifted to Luca as an advisor. Skilled in logistics, strategy, and military doctrine, Ain does all he can to fulfill his duties, even providing his limited talent in magic to Luca whenever possible. Ain lives only to protect and serve Cendol Lucat Adolunde, the Fourth Prince of Adolunde.

Nasette Character Profile Picture

Nasette Liberat Luca’s Military Advisor

Age: 26


Weapon:Long Sword

Description:Nasette is a talented Knight and a childhood friend of Luca and Ain. He fights for what he believes in, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty, willing to go against orders to do what is right.

Tita Character Profile Picture

Tita Liberat Nasette’s Younger Sister



Description:Tita is a survivor, a noble, and the younger sister of Nasette. She has lived in a world consumed by war for so long that she barely remembers what peace is like. She considers Ain a close personal friend who reminds her that happiness still exists in this world for her, and feels like she is constantly left behind by Nasette, Luca, and Ain.