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Gleam Volume 1 is Available Now!


We’re excited to announce that Gleam Volume 1 is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Get your copy today and join Princess Salia in her endeavor to thwart her enemies with the help of her bodyguard, secret agents, and unlikely allies!


Gleam Pre-order and Release Date


We’re happy to announce our shoujo and political intrigue manga, Gleam Volume 1, is up for pre-order on Amazon! It will be officially released on March 15th, 2017.

Gleam Description

The small kingdom of Steliol is rife with the machinations of nobles and politics. Princess Salia, the 17-year-old daughter of the king, rules the country with the people's support. She is gifted with beauty, an aptitude for politics, and has the blessing of her kingdom’s god. She even dared to invade a neighboring country to stop a war—and succeeded.

Princess Salia is the definition of noblesse among her people, when in a sudden twist she decides to study abroad in Japan.

Will Salia’s abrupt decision give her enemies the chance they seek to eliminate this princess for good? Those who seek to do her harm will have to contend with her royal bodyguard and the special agents assigned to protect her first.

Gleam Volume 1 is available for Pre-order on Amazon now for purchase at $8.99, or free to read with Kindle Unlimited on its release date.

Amazon Gleam Pre-order

The Violet Knight Volume 2 is Now Live!


The Violet Knight Volume 2 is now live on the site!

The Violet Knight Volume 2 Description

A great darkness sweeps across Aridol just as Yuki Kasuga finds herself abandoned and cursed. As fear and death consume the three kingdoms, Yuki must survive the hostilities of a foreign world without the protection of her Violet Knight.

Join Yuki as she embarks on a deadly journey and takes on an enemy ordinary means can’t defeat. What will become of the girl determined to find her Knight as she fights to discover who she really is? Find out in the exciting second volume of this dark fantasy light novel series!

Coming Spring 2017

Little Hero Normal Edition Available Now!


Little Hero Volume 1 is now available for purchase on all of Amazon's stores! If your store isn't listed below you can find it if you search for Little Hero (some stores you may need to search Little Hero Wakasa). A lengthy sample is also available for download from the product page!

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Amazon Australia

Amazon Canada

Amazon Japan

You can also get the Special Edition with bonus chapters for the reduced price of $6.99 here:


Little Hero Special Edition


We’re excited to announce Little Hero will have a Special Edition as well as a Normal Edition!

Special Edition Includes:
Little Hero Volume 1
(6 chapters; 201 pages)
Option to Download Mobi and/or Epub File
Chapter 5.5
(12 pages)
Omake Chapter: The Birth of the Knights' Princess (4 pages)
4-koma: The Witch and Servant (2 pages)

Total of 219 pages!

Normal Edition Includes: Little Hero Volume 1 (6 chapters; 201 pages)

The Special Edition will be available only through Gumroad and will be at the reduced price of $6.99. The Normal Edition will be available on Amazon for $8.99. The main story is unchanged between the two versions.

The Special Edition is available today (December 29th, 2016).

Little Hero Volume 1 Special Edition

The Normal Edition will be available tomorrow (December 30th, 2016).